Sunday, May 31, 2009

Farmers' Market - May 31

My family is going to be happy, happy, happy that peas are coming in and asparagus is on its way out. I could eat asparagus every day, them, not so much.

From the top left: beautiful lettuces, some early garlic (not sure what this will look like when I cut it open), radishes, pea shoots, asparagus, snap peas (cannot wait for snow peas), late summer honey, table onions, and some beef. Yum!

There were definitely more people shopping and selling today.

If you happen to have fresh snap peas, here's a really nice recipe I made several times last year - Green Peas and Sugar Snap Peas in Sesame Dressing.

Can we talk about rhubarb for a minute? I was going to write a post entitled 'Rhubarb: Friend or Foe?' but I never quite got around to it. I tried a recipe for rhubarb salsa- I thought it was going to be similar to a chutney. Here's a photo of my ingredient gathering.

Anyhow, I made it. I thought the rhubarb smelled funny when I was dicing it, then after it was cooked it was mushy and stringy. I threw the whole thing out which just aggravates me - I hate wasting perfectly good ingredients. There are very few foods that I really don't like. Rhubarb might have joined ranks with lima beans, for me. Maybe I just need to eat something with rhubarb that someone else has made properly, I don't know.


Ti said...

Have I told you lately how much I love the farmer's market posts??

The only rhubarb anything I have had was pie, which was delicious and jam which was also delicious but both were made by someone other than myself (probably the reason they were so delicious).

Even though rhubarb looks like celery it doesn't have the same consistency when cooked. It gets really mushy, as you found out. Too bad it had to go to waste though.

JoAnn said...

I'm with you - I LOVE asparagus! Luckily the rest of the family does, too, because I cook it as often as I can. Too bad about the rhubarb, it's never done much for me. And lima beans...yuck!

Kim L said...

Those are some great finds at the Farmer's Market! Which market do you go to? I see you are in MN, like me. I love the St. Paul Farmer's Market.

Don't be a rhubarb hater! It's amazing in rhubarb crisp. Hubby and I made some recently. Even when it didn't quite turn out with the right consistency, it still tasted really good. Maybe you just need a better recipe :-)

Bybee said...

I love peas! Rhubarb intimidates liked it, but never cooked with it at home.

Samantha said...

Hi Tara - sorry to be away so long!

Everything in your picture looks to fresh and delicious. It's funny as on this side of the world I am pully radishes out of my garden by the truckload - maybe they are an autumn and a spring vegetable!

Can't help you with the rhubarb. I have only had it in a crumble and it wasn't that memorable ;-)

p.s. I have a new blog home - (formerly nutmeg of anothernutter)

Anonymous said...

While I don't have a recipe for it, my family loves strawberry-rhubarb pie. The strawberries counteract the somewhat sour taste of the rhubarb, and it's DIVINE!

There must be a recipe for it somewhere in internet land.

Carrie K said...

Asparagus is divine. Lima beans aren't edible. Rhubarb? I don't think I've ever actually tried it, much less cooked it. Good for you for experimenting.

Tara said...

Ti, I don't know, but thank you! I think I was expected it to not be so mushy, you are right. Glad you have had good rhubarb experiences!

JoAnn, What is your favorite asparagus preparation?

Kim L, I go to the St Paul market as well! The Mpls one is strange - why do they sell bananas? I went the Mill City one once - good stuff, but high prices.

Bybee, we had the peas yesterday - yummy!

Samantha, nice to see you! I think there is another crop of radishes at the market in the Fall, I think you are right!

Bluestalking, yum - your pie sounds great.

Carrie K, ah, we are in agreement. Thanks.

JoAnn said...

I love roasted asparagus - alone or in combination with red peppers, summer squash, etc. A little bit of garlic salt, Italian seasonings, and olive oil and into the oven. We also like it steamed, or with eggs in a fritatta, or....

Tara said...

Joann, I also love to roast it. I do a stir fry of it also which my family prefers I think to all other preparations.

Bonnie said...

Your Farmer's Market posts are encouraging me to hunt down a few markets this summer. Everything looks very fresh and pretty! I havnen't cooked with rhubarb before and have only had pie.

Andi said...

Yum to everything! I especially want to find a decent farmers market in my area for the fresh meat.

Tara said...

Bonnie, I hope you find one! There's a great website, of course I cannot remember what it is, that lists markets in all areas.

Andi, the meat I get is fantastic!