Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tagged Times Two

I've been tagged for a couple of memes - I had been thinking it had been awhile - and since I'm sleep deprived they're the perfect thing for today.

Danielle tagged me for the Six Random Things Meme.

Here goes:

1. My husband and I moved (separately) to Chicago after college and met in 1997. We talk about retiring there someday. I miss the big city life.

2. I'm a terrible housekeeper. I mean, I do it (sometimes), but I don't like it. It is somewhat satisfying to get things clean, but when people come home and drop stuff everywhere - me included - I get so discouraged. I have a bad clutter habit too.

3. I like to sleep in a cold room. We keep our bedroom at 64 degrees in the winter and sleep under a down comforter. I think part of the reason I haven't been sleeping well lately is the higher temperature.

4. Confession: I can't wait to go see the Sex and the City movie. Sorry.

5. I really don't like alcohol in desserts. It just ruins it for me.

6. It seems like so many people that I work with in my department have had really horrible things happen to them or their families. For example, two people have died in unexpected and terrible circumstances. I live in fear that my turn is next. Seriously.

I've been tagged by Heather for the Meme of Fives. I did this one back in December but will answer the non-repeat questions.

What are five things on your to-do list for today? (not in any particular order)

Take child to school.
Do laundry.
Take child to swimming.
Make dinner.
Meet a guy to talk about a fence.

What are five snacks you enjoy?

Coffee ice cream
Snyder's honey mustard pretzel piece thingys
fruit- currently looking forward to plums and nectarines

What are five of your bad habits?

I can be very bossy.
I let things become very cluttered. On the other hand, I am good at not seeing this.
I have a short temper.
I hear snoring is one but I don't believe it.
I buy too many books. Or is that a good habit? I think so.

What are five places that you have lived?

Livingston, New Jersey
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Centerville, Ohio
Chicago, Illinois
Saint Paul, Minnesota

What are five jobs you have had?

Busgirl at Mexican restaurant when I was 14. My clothes got so stinky my mother literally made me leave them at the front door.

Worked at the movie theater in high school, selling candy and tickets. Great job, great benefits (free movies!!!), fun coworkers.

Customer service at Toys-R-Us. Ugh.

Work study program in college at Computer Science Department.


I'm not going to tag anyone for anything! But if you'd like to, please play along and let me know where I can find your answers.


Carrie K said...

I'm not sure how many people love cleaning.

I like a really cold bedroom too! Hard to get in CA w/o a/c.

Buying books is a good thing and how can there be too many?

Eva said...

I can't wait for the Sex and the City movie either!!

I can't imagine working at any customer service jobs, but especially not one at Toys-R-Us. *shudder*

Maw Books said...

I loved learning more about you. I hate to sleep in a warm room either and glad to know that I'm not the only one who can't keep up with clutter.

Tara said...

Carrie, I think some people must find the results satisfying enough to do it more regularly.

Eva, Yeah! Toys-R-Us was bad. In every possible way.

Maw Books, thanks! I'm with you.

raych said...

For my Indian Lit class we read:
- Train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh - short but kind of eh.
- Cracking India by Bapsi Sidwha - pretty good in parts.
- What the Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin which I loved loved loved, and which I've reviewed at ye olde blog. It's crazy mad long, but so much worth it.
- Can You Hear the Nightbird Call by Anita Rau Badami - also fairly good.

All 4 novels center around the event of Partition which, hey, horrific historical events I know nothing about! So they're all terribly sad.

Happy reading!

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for doing the meme. It's always fun to read the answers! I don't like cleaning either--which is obvious by the amount of dust that seems to show up the minute I clean (and then remains there...). I do love the feeling when I have just cleaned and everything is all nice and neat, for maybe two days!! I like having the window open at night when it's cool and snuggling under the covers, too. I'm dreading the hot summer, which is just around the corner!

Bookfool said...

I'm a terrible housekeeper, too. And, I hate heat. I sleep very, very badly during the summer and that's about 6-7 months of the year, here. I've always wanted to move north, for that reason.

#4 made me laugh.

Tara said...

Raych, thank you,thank you! I emailed you.

Danielle, no problem! I love learning more about the people I seem to have so much in common with, book-wise. The weather has granted me a reprieve - it's freezing here! Had to put the down comforter back on.

Bookfool, I think I could never live in the south. Much too hot and humid for me.

nutmeg said...

You made me laugh with your "sorry" after your Sex in the City comment! After such honesty I feel I have to out myself too ;-) I have only recently watched SITC and once I started on the season 1 dvd I VERY quickly raced through the next 5. I have already booked my ticket to see the movie. Booking was essential with the "Gold Class" type of ticket I bought - I'm sure they are in the US too (I'm sure you guys thought them up!) You know those cinemas with only about 20 or 30 seats that are plush reclining ones and you order food and it is brought in when you want it etc. I had to have the "whole" SATC experience for this movie!!!!!

Also, off to the Sydney Writer's festival over the next couple of days. I hope to email you again sometime early next week :-)