Thursday, September 13, 2007

A few things

I have not finished any books lately - though I am almost done with Sister Carrie and am looking forward to selecting my next read. I think I enjoy the selection process as much as I enjoy the actual reading (as much as I enjoy looking at books, and reading about them!). So today, a few things that have been on my mind.

First I would like to thank Nan for giving me the Nice Matters Award. She gave this award to me in August and I have been delinquent in properly thanking her for it. She is undeniably one of the nicest people I've met through blogging. Thank you Nan! (I've tried to figure out how to add the lovely picture that came with the award but it's not working and I'm too computer and time challenged to figure it out.)

Second, I would like to show you my new Moo cards.

Aren't they fun? I saw these on someones blog and had to have my own. They have my name and information on the back and will come in handy when I am exchanging numbers with the other parents at school.

I decided to watch Northanger Abbey this past week - a friend sent it to me to watch online. NA is the Jane Austen novel that I know the least. I've only read it once in early 2001 while traveling to England with plans to visit Bath. I didn't remember much of the story so was not able to compare this film to the novel. The movie was fine, I did like the second half better and enjoyed the ending more than that of Persuasion (all that running around was really silly). There were quite a few heaving bosom sort of scenes related to the heroine, Catherine, reading The Mysteries of Udolfo. I didn't really care for these parts, nor did I care for the elder Mr. Tilney who was rather creepy. I was happy to see these films early, though, and look forward to the rest this Spring on Masterpiece Theater.

Finally, there are lots of cookbooks being released this Fall, and as I am a collector of them as much as I am a collector of (all) other sorts of books I have a few on my wishlist.

I've seen Apples for Jam all over the place on the blogs and have been waiting to salivate over it myself. I've often seen it described at the "most beautiful cookbook I've even seen." This is actually not on my wishlist anymore, but is instead on its way to me from thanks to a gift certificate.

I am also waiting for Diane Rossen Worthington's Seriously Simple Holidays -I just loved her book Seriously Simple and have made loads of things from it and hope I am just as lucky with this one. Nigella Express is on my must have list. I also am looking out for Jamie Oliver's new US release ( somehow we are a year behind over here) - I doubt I'll need to own this one but I do enjoy looking through his books. Mark Bittman has a new vegetarian book coming out- it looks to be the size of his book How to Cook Everything - that is to say, enormous. I am not vegetarian, but would love some more meal ideas that my family will eat. Last but not least, and not an actual cookbook I believe but more a book of essays, is Nigel Slater's newest release about British Cookery. I doubt this one will have a US release so this will be a Book Depository purchase.


Carrie K said...

I'm not a vegetarian either, but it wouldn't be hard.

Mysteries of Udolpho is the linchpin of Northanger Abbey! Since it's basically a send up of the that genre. I'll have to check out the movie though.

kris said...

I'm enjoying your book reviews. The cookbooks sound like good choices - I agree, it would be nice to have more ideas on vegetarian meals.
Cute kitty picture a couple posts ago!
Nice to hear your daughter is adjusting to kindergarten - now if it were only that easy for moms, right?

Nan said...

Thank you for your kind words. I feel the same way. :<)

I think you and I should be living in the "old country" don't you? We seem to just love those British books.

Bookfool said...

The cookbooks sound terrific and the moo cards are cute! I'm the "almost vegetarian" of my family - I don't really like meat, but I'm not the cook so I eat what I'm served. I'd rather be a vegetarian, though. And, come to think of it, I'm really tired of being fed; I want to cook what I want to eat. I think it's about time to unbury my kitchen and kick the hubby out. :)

Cornflower said...

Tara, did you get to Bath on your trip?

Tara said...

Carrie, I do like meat, but don't think it would be too hard to be a vegetarian. When I lived by myself before I was married, I rarely ate meat. I've never read Myst. of Udolpho - I real as though I should before reading Northanger Abbey again.

Kris, Thank you for your kind words. It is so amazing how quickly she's adapted to a new school and a new routine - well, except for getting up early every day!

Nan, I think we should as well! I just cannot get enough British fiction, cookbooks, or history. I can't wait to visit there again....I will have to ship my books home!

Bookfool, your husband sounds like a fantastic cook ( mine makes pasta and tacos...) but definitely get into the kitchen if you feel the urge. I know it relaxes me and feeds my creative urges.

Karen, yes I did! We rode a train there from London and spent the day. We went on a walking tour, toured the cathedral and Roman bath ruins, had tea at the Pump Room, and walked around the city. I cannot remember the name of the building...but we also looked at some antique clothing and ballrooms. It was wonderful, and truly a dream come true. My only regret is that I didn't go to the Jane Austen museum.

Danielle said...

I don't know anything about NA either. I am reading The Mysteries of Udolpho now (which is great fun) in anticipation of reading the Austen later. I'll save the movie (is it available in the US) for after that. How's that for planning ahead!! Love the notecards by the way.

Cath said...

So, which of the three Austens did you like the best? I think I told you there are more to come this winter. Yay!!

Nigella Express goes with her new series on the BBC. It's been very good. Jamie continues to be good also. He did carrots and beetroot last week - roasted them with various vinegars. He had carrots in all colours and said that orange has only been the usual colour for them because of the Dutch. They had a centennial year or something and produced an orange carrot (House of Orange etc.) and since then carrots have been orange. Thought that might interest you. :-) Must see when Nigel Slater's new book is out. I think it's soon...

Nan said...

I love the new picture!! Where did you find it, Tara?

Tara said...

Danielle, NA will be on Masterpiece Theatre this Spring. A coworker emailed the video to me; she got it from a relative in the UK. I think you're plan sounds great!

Cath, well, I've seen 2 of the new JA versions (haven't seen the new S&S or Mansfield Park). I think I probably did enjoy NA a bit more, so I thank you for persuading me to watch it. Now I have Wide Sargasso Sea to watch. Glad to hear Nigella and Jamie have been good (roasted veggies with vinegar -yum!) - I think Jamie's new UK release is about veggies which we won't be getting until 2008. Thanks for telling me about the carrots! I was buying purple ones at the farmer's market last year and did some research on them then. My daughter was *nuts* about them. The grower didn't grow them this year, but last week I bought a bunch that had orange, white, red, and purple. Fun!

Nan, thanks so much! A new book, Reading Women arrived today (Danielle wrote about it a few months back) and I looked through it hoping to find something I could use as a picture. I picked this one because of the little girl - and the Mother is absorbed in her book - so it all fits!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Please do review apples for jam... it sounds amazing! Although I'm in a no-apples period right now for a short while... apparently having three this week was enough to trigger a reaction. :(

lazy cow said...

Cannot wait for Nigella Express! I have Apples for Jam and will be interested in hearing your experiences cooking from it. The recipes I've tried have been somewhat underwhelming (though the photography and presentation is luscious). My girlfriend, however, raves about everything she's cooked from it (and she's a much better cook than I!)

Lotus Reads said...

Lovely post Tara!

Congrats on the Nice Matters award, you are so deserving of it!

I had never heard of Moo cards before so thank you, they sure look like fun to use!

I am not at all familiar with "Northanger Abbey", so I think I might rent it from the library and acquaint myself with the story.

I absolutely LOVE the cover of "Apples for Jam", I am such a sucker for good covers that I would buy this book even if I am not much of a cook! :)

Tara said...

Heather, I will definitly review Apples for Jam - a reaction?? Oh, no, I just cannot imagine being allergic to apples!

Lazy cow, thanks for your opinion on Apples for Jam - are there any recipes you would recommend? I've been paging through it and admit to liking reading it more than having anything grab me as something I *have* to make.

Angali, thank you for your kind words. I agree with you that Apples for Jam has one of the best covers I've ever seen - I want those shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love Nigella! Thank you for bringing her new book to my attention. I Tivo her show on the Food Network every week and I even watch shows I've seen multiple times before. She makes food look and sound so scrumptious!

heather (errantdreams) said...

Thankfully it's more a sensitivity than an allergy, so as long as I have them rarely I can have them. I have a lot of sensitivities though, ranging from fruits (strawberries, apples) to detergents (whatever they used on the towels at the gym) to random 'stuff' (one of the last shampoos and conditioners I bought). But as long as I don't have to give up my apples and strawberries completely, I'm happy!

Tara said...

Jennyellen, hello! If I have Tivo, I would be dangerous with the Nigella shows! I also don't mind watching reruns. I first discovered her in 2001 - she was on really early in the morning on E! and I would be up with my baby daughter.

Heather, glad to hear it's just a sensitivity. As I've grown older, I've begun to have more and more topical reactions to things, skin products mostly. Even wound up in the ER once with eyes swollen shut -scary!

lazy cow said...

The chocolate cake is very nice, but the separating of eggs is a bit of a palaver.
The cranberry cookies taste delicious, but mine did not spread at ALL, as there is very little butter in the recipe (why?)
You're right, it is more a book to read and enjoy the presentation. Nigella nails both much better, in my opinion.

heather (errantdreams) said...

Even wound up in the ER once with eyes swollen shut -scary!

Ouch. I can relate to that. I went to the ER last October with my face all swollen up (that was the gym towel incident). Empathy!

Tara said...

Lazy, thanks so much for your reviews. I get very frustrated by recipes that don't turn out well. I hate having wasted all the ingredients! I agree with you about Nigella - not only do I love her writing but her recipes have generally turned out for me.

Heather - thanks for commiserating with me about the allergies! Very frightening stuff.