Sunday, May 6, 2007

The weekend is almost over.

I always feel a bit of a letdown, getting ready for Monday. I work most Mondays at my job, as well as Tuesdays and a weekend rotation. I'm off with my daughter the rest of the week, but Sunday evening always brings with it a bit of melancholy. Thus, I will take this opportunity to reminisce about my weekend.

I've decided to pay the fee to librarything and catalog my books there. I spent some time on that this weekend, borrowing my husband's laptop to move around the house finding the various stashes of books. I am by no means finished. My main 'working' bookcase, where many of my favorites and newer books reside will be moving soon, so I've waited to list those. There are also many books in the basement I'll have to find. I've taken the word library quite literally and feel I want the list to be MY library, not my daughter's or husband's as these books do not necessarily reflect my tastes. I've noticed that some members on librarything have listed anything they've read, whether or not they own it or borrowed it from the library. I'm not sure if this is common practice or not. It seems to me a list of 'books read' is quite different than a list of 'books owned'. So I will have to figure that out.

Yesterday we had a mini Cinco de Mayo celebration, something quite popular in the United States. It was really just an excuse to make margaritas and eat Mexican food, which we enjoy. I made the season's first fresh salsa and guacamole for only the second time. My husband generally proclaims not to like guacamole which is why I've never made it more often. I feel that having tasted quite a bit of that green dip over the years, I know what I like, and have to say my creation was very, very good. I insisted that the others try it, and it was deemed a success by all and I think I have two converts. The best guacamole I've ever had was at the Frontera Grill in Chicago. I felt very strongly that there were sun dried tomatoes in it, perhaps they were roasted, but in any case the flavor of them was quite intense. I added them to my dish and think it made all the difference.

And off we go to Monday. I hope your transition is painless.


Cornflower said...

I recognise that Sunday evening/Monday morning feeling. Still, now the week has begun, you have the later part of it to look forward to!

nutmeg said...

I am a Mexican food fan and don't get me started on Margharitas!

You've all but sold me on the Nigel Slater that you mentioned in your last post!

What is your "name" on Library Thing? I'm a little less than halfway in inputting mine and I have also decided that I won't input my husband's books but may include my children's - under their own tag.

Jill ONeill said...

Having two distinct LibraryThing-ers in my house, we occasionally come up against the same conflict you've identified. I catalog what I own, regardless of whether I've actually gotten around to reading it. My son included titles that he's read as well as those he owns, although I think that's because he's a starving grad student and can't afford to buy books as a rule.

Actually, I would recommend going for the lifetime membership if I were you. It's far more cost-effective, particularly if you've got loads of books.

Tara said...

Karen, you are right, I have gotten through Monday and feel the worst is over! Today I had to work in an area I haven't worked in for some time and that definitely added to my anxiety last night.

Nutmeg, the Nigel Slater is wonderful. It satifies the wonder that I have about what everyone else is eating for dinner. His book Appetite is also superb. I am tara35 on librarything and am trying to figure out how much 'tagging' I want to do.

Jill, I think I agree, I will catalog what books belong to me whether or not I have gotten to them yet. I can see your son's perspective as well. Thanks for the tip - I actually did decide to do the lifetime membership. I figure if I'm going to do this, I'll go all out.