Monday, April 9, 2007

Is Martha Stewart known or popular in other parts of the world? Here in the US her company puts out a number of publications, one of which is called Everyday Food. It is a purse sized monthly magazine filled with fairly simple and easy ideas for meals. I did try to avoid this magazine for a couple years, I mean I already receive a number of food publications, but I was eventually drawn in by a particularly interesting issue. In any case, she has capitalized on the success of the magazine and recently published the cookbook pictured here, Great Food Fast. I borrowed it from the library and have been perusing it. The magazine is divided into seasons and every recipe has a photograph. I'm not particularly taken in by any of the soup or salad recipes, I mean some of this stuff you don't really need a recipe for. However, there are many great ideas for main dishes, especially pasta dishes. I've yet to decide if this cookbook warrents purchasing. I am a bit of a sucker for having all the 'best' recipes from the magazine in one place and not having to go through all the old issues trying to find the one I want. I think this is a great cookbook for those who perhaps are a bit nervous in the kitchen as most of the recipes are simple, require few ingredients, and provide good results, at least the ones I've tried from the magazine. I have someone in mind who may be getting this from me at Christmas.

Here is a sample recipe, one of my favorites that I've made several times - Linguine with turkey sausage and peppers.

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