Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Roundup

I finished 2 more books this week:

24. Alice Waters and Chez Panisse: The Romantic, Impractical, Often Eccentric, Ultimately Brilliant Making of a Food Revolution by Thomas McNamee - I really enjoyed this. I've never been to Chez Panisse but it and Alice Waters have been in my consciousness for some time. This book was 'approved' by Waters so I was afraid it might be, perhaps, less judgemental than a non-approved book but did not find that to be the case. The book details Waters' history, how the restaurant came to be and continues to be, and the many people that have been involved over the years. The book doesn't shy away from the less positive aspects of Waters and the restaurant. Miss Waters is a huge proponent of the Slow Food movement, local eating, sustainable farming; Michael Pollen, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma is even mentioned as the impetus for Chez Panisse serving only grass fed beef. Alice Waters' believes that through food, what we eat and how it's grown or raised, 'we can change the world'. This mantra really speaks to me, as presently I am really trying to educate myself about these issues. It is somewhat discouraging knowing that Waters, somewhat well known, has been trying to get this message out for over 35 years and it's seems people are just starting to listen. It seems such a small bit that I can do as a consumer. I do hope others in the public eye will also try to instigate change.

25. Alphabet Weekends by Elizabeth Noble - This what kind Predictable, superficial. I'm not sure why I bothered with it but I wanted something light. It provided a bit of entertainment.

The mail has brought me:

Family History by Vita Sackville-West - A VMC from It is in nearly pristine condition. So many of the VMCs I have collected seem to have never been read. Sigh. What a shame.

I was thrilled to receive the Persephone Biannually. It is full of delicious things to read and I'm waiting to savor it. Only sad that there will not be another until October.

I am looking out for a few more packages to arrive. Books, of course.

I work in health care (part-time) and have to work this entire weekend. I needed a book to read on my breaks that is absorbing but not too taxing. I decided to pick up The Observations by Jane Harris last night and read the first few pages. So far, it seems that it will do.


Iliana said...

I've only read one Vita Sackville-West novel, the title is escaping me right now though. I really enjoyed it. I must read more by her. Hope maybe some of those packages arrive tomorrow - that could help to make up for the fact that you have to work on the weekend :)

nutmeg said...

Gosh, that book by McNamee looks great. And I really need to read my copy of the Pollan SOON!

I order my Persephones through The Book Depository so I don't get sent their "bi-annuals" :-(

I have also left another comment on your last post!

Tara said...

Bookgirl- I'm looking forward to reading her. I also have The Edwardians but haven't gotten to it yet. Well, my packages didn't come but I have hope for today. They're from bookcloseouts by the way!

Nutmeg- From what you've said I think you would like the book by McNamee. I can see that the book depository price is a bit less expensive - I can see why you order from them.