Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm a guest blogger!

Lisa from Books on the Brain kindly asked me to write a little something about my bookclub. You can read it here.


Lisa said...

That's a nice article about your book club. I have some of the same feelings as you do about my face to face book clubs. It'll never be perfect, but I'm just glad to have people to talk to about books. If I had to depend on my family and friends, I'd be completely without literary discourse.

Anonymous said...

Tara, great article. I was in a book club years ago and really enjoyed it. I have been interested recently in finding a new one. Yours sounds exactly like my cup of tea. I may have to try to just start one myself!

Carrie K said...

You make books clubs sound fun, Tara! My only experiences are online.

Literary Feline said...

Like Carrie, my only experience with a book club is online. You definitely do make it sound like fun! I enjoyed reading about your experience with your face to face book club very much. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Tara,

Congrats on your guest appearance over at booksonthebrain blog.

Lisa Munley asked me to contact you. She has kindly agreed to review a book for author Susan Hanshaw. I represent Susan and her firm inner architect.

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dean and susan

Unknown said...


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Thank you for considering to review Susan's book!

dean and susan

Tara said...

Lisa, overall, I too would be without literary discourse. My husband has started reading more in 2008 which is nice, but he's not terribly interested in what I'm reading. Not that I blame him!

Jennyellen, hi! Nice to see you. I wonder if I would seek out another group if mine were ever to fold. It's definitely something I enjoy and look forward to.

Carrie, I think I find so much satisfaction in my bookclub that I haven't been terribly good at participating in online ones. Though I can certainly see the benefits.

Literary Feline, That's nice of you to say! Thank you.