Monday, September 24, 2007

The rest of my collection. Well, almost.

A while back I shared my new bookcases and their contents here. Here are the rest of my books in various locations around the house. There are yet more in the basement and scattered around the house. Also, these do not include my husband's or daughter's collections.

These are built in shelves in my living room. These books are mostly memoirs, divided loosely by country/continent.

These is my (mostly) American non-fiction section. You might notice how much smaller it is than the British non-fiction section of my large bookcases.

My Virago collection. I bought this vintage bookcase years ago at a flea market. I think it suits these books well since it was built around the same time many of them were originally published.

These are some of my books about books, located on top of my desk.

This bookcase is in the corner of my bedroom. Everything is double shelved and stacked all over the place. There used to be huge stacks on top, before my new shelves arrived.

I almost forgot these! This console table is in my living room. Those baskets? Yep, filled with books. I thought they would be a good place to hide toys, but that never happened.

I'm off to clean my kitchen. I have an upcoming delivery of something that will hold some of my other favorite items....

P.S. I should add, I didn't edit these bookcases at all - I just photographed them as they were.


Anonymous said...

Whew! I thought I was the only one with bookshelves everywhere!! Glad to see that you have them too :)

lazy cow said...

I love those floating built-ins, and all those Viragos look fantastic; all that green against the old wood is beautiful.
Only bought a bookshelf for the bedroom last year, I can't believe I didn't have a proper stash in there before that! It's great to be able to click on the photos and actually 'browse' your shelves!

Bybee said...

The old (antique) bookcase chock-full of Viragos has me drooling. This is short, as I must find something to wipe off the keyboard!

BooksPlease said...

I love seeing your bookshelves.I really need bookshelves in the bedroom - at the moment I have a huge pile of books next to the bed and I have to move them to open the wardrobe - sad isn't it.

Your Virago collection and bookcase are most impressive!

Lotus Reads said...

Whoa, you have a large collection of books Tara! Have you ever counted them all? :) I love the Virago Collection and that is a stunning bookcase you've housed them in!

Cath said...

I feel like I've visited you and browsed your bookshelves now. Thank you for sharing your books, I too love the impact of the Viragos all in one bookcase. Like you I have bookcases in almost every room and still planning *more* :-D I go to stately homes sometimes and see the size of their libraries and just drool. How wonderful it would be to have a purpose built library room.

Robin said...

How fun! I love seeing people's bookcases. The Virago collection is awesome, and what a wonderful bookcase!

Tara said...

Hi Kristina, thanks for saying hello! I'm also glad I'm not the only one with bookcases everywhere!

Lazy cow, thanks! I do enjoy having a stash in my room - then I don't have to go far if my currently book isn't working for me.

Bybee, Thank you - I think the old bookcase photographed better than it looks in real life to tell you the truth!

Booksplease, thank you. I also have a big stack on my nightstand that I really need to clean up.

Lotus, I have around 950 or so listed on librarything - there are more in the basement that haven't been counted.

Cath, thanks so much for saying that, I'm glad you feel that way. I would *love* to have an entire room just devoted to books. What bliss.

Robin, thank you - I love see the bookcases of others as well.

Iliana said...

Your Viragos look beautiful in that bookcase! I would love a special book case just for my Viragos and Persephone Books. Granted I would then need to buy more of those books to fill the bookcase :)

Nan said...

Oh, Tara, I just loved seeing the books and their homes. I love them all. I'd like to know some of the Virago titles, and what is the Five Sisters book?? I want to come visit and see them all in person. :<)

Tara said...

Hi bookgirl! Well, that wouldn't be so bad - having to buy more books, that is!

Nan, the Five Sisters book is subtitled The Langhornes of Virginia. The back begins with "The beautiful Langhorne sisters lived at the pinnacle of society form the end of the Civil War through the second World War." To tell you the truth, I haven't read this but I really need to. I love books about sisters. If you click on the Virago photograph you should be able to make it bigger and view the titles. I have lots of Elizabeth Taylor and E.H. Young. Come see them anytime!