Friday, September 7, 2007

My incoherent thoughts.

The last couple of weeks have brought the end of preschool and many tears on my part (Mom, why are you sad? You still get to bring me to Kindergarten.), a terribly busy and stressful 4 days of work over the holiday weekend, the last outdoor swimming of the year, and the first days of Kindergarten. I haven't slept well in days, and have been busy cleaning our home since we are having a cat allergic guest over tonight to celebrate Preschool Graduation. The good news: a clean house, a happy child in school, and dinner is ready to go.

I have completed three books since I was last here and started on two more. I will write about them next week when I will hopefully have better luck putting words together.

I have watched one film over the past week - the most recent production of Persuasion - I believe it aired in Britain last Spring. It was fine - I enjoyed the 1995 version much, much more. I was tired of the closeups of Anne in this new version and the running sequence at the end was just silly. I just cannot get enough of the letter towards the end - 'You pierce my soul.'

Here are some of my new books. This stack contains the books I paid for. The top two were ordered from The Book Depository in a moment of weakness. I'd had my eye on these for a while thanks to all the wonderful reviews. The remaining three are used, 2 Viragos - Hester and Golden Miles, and the book on the bottom is Through One Administration is by Frances Hodgson Burnett and comes recommended by Elaine.

Here are the books I've received from Paperbackswap.

Asta's Book was a recommendation from Danielle. There are two newer Viragos, The Dark Tide and Curious, if True. A Fine Balance sounds wonderful - I read about this on a blog but cannot remember where. Much Depends on Dinner is nonfiction - I'm not sure where I heard about this book. The back blurb states it "corrects our lack of knowledge of these most ubiquitous of foods and lays before us a captivating register of facts, myths, fetishes, and rituals that stretches back into our early history."

I'm really looking forward to getting into a routine in the next weeks. I have lots of blog housekeeping to do - comments to respond to, blogs to visits and blogs that I've been reading and need to add to my sidebar.

Have a great weekend!


Jill ONeill said...

I do look forward to your comments on the Frances Hodgson Burnett. I want to know more about it.

nutmeg said...

Oh! I have been eyeing The Needle in the Blood too! I think I saw it Danielle's or Dovegreyreader. Anyway it looks great (but long!)

I read AstaĆ” book an age ago - I think I liked it. I think it was a bit creepy/strange? You probably already know this but Vine is Ruth Rendell (I'm fairly sure?) writing under an alternate name.

Welcome back - I missed you.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Tara. What a cute kitty picture.

I read Asta's Book (or Anna's Book as the US edition is called) years ago and really enjoyed it. A Fine Balance is wonderful. Such an absorbing book. Just carries you away to the sights, sounds and perfumes of India.

You were one of the ones of us to get The House at Riverton as well, huh? My copy arrived yesterday. We'll have to all compare notes when we get it read.

You'll get through this "off to kindergarten" phase. This too shall pass and you'll find that true of all the other stages of growing up your little one will go through (says the mom of the girl who will turn 25 this month).

Cath said...

How nice to see you back! :-)

I have Needle in the Blood on my tbr pile too... I hear it's wonderful. The House at Riverton is in all the bookshops here but I don't have it yet. Will be interested in people's comments.

Of the three Jane Austens we got last spring Persuasion was the weakest, imo. Surprisingly (because I'm not that smitten with the book), it was Northanger Abbey that I liked the most. The cast was delightful and the production beautifully done.

Tara said...

Hi Jill, I'm also looking forward to the Burnett book after enjoying The Shuttle so much.

Nutmeg, I did know that Vine is Ruth Rendell - these are not the 'usual' sort of book I read, but I'd read so many great reviews of Vine's books and they sound really appealing to me so I thought I'd try one. And Thank You - that's really kind of you to say. =)

Kay, thank you - Kitty came with my husband as part of the deal. I'm happy to hear your positive thoughts on Asta's Book and A Fine Balance - I just wish I could read faster. The Preschool Graduation last night was completely tear inducing. The children sang 'This Little Light of Mine' and each stood next to the teachers and received words of praise and thanks. The tears were just pouring down my cheeks.

Cath, thank you! My friend who emailed me these Austen videos also sent Northanger Abbey - but said she didn't enjoy it as much. Now I am determined to watch it and decide for myself. Thanks for your thoughts.

Gentle Reader said...

I love Persuasion, didn't know there was a more recent film version than the 1995, which I adore. I'll have to look for it, thanks!

Nan said...

My heart has been with you in this transition. I'm so glad she's happy in kindergarten. Sometimes the thinking about it ahead of time is almost worse than the reality. It is such a passage though that it is hard to not think about what it means, etc. Wow! Three books read! Can't wait to hear about them. Glad to see you couldn't refuse The House at Riverton, either. :<)

Tara said...

Gentle Reader, this new version will be shown on Masterpiece Theater this Spring, I believe. My friend got an online video from a relative who lives in the UK.

Tara said...

Nan, You are so right about thinking about it - or other things - so much beforehand. It's just part of my personality, I guess. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind words and thoughts.

Danielle said...

What great books! I'm halfway through The House at Riverton and enjoying it greatly. I've been reading it every work day at lunchtime, but I may have to read it at home--It's getting too hard to set down! I also have Needle in the Blood and am looking forward to reading it as well. I read Asta's Book/Anna's Book here in the US some time ago and really liked it, I think I'm due for a reread on that one! Enjoy those lovely Viragos!!

Carrie K said...

I was annoyed at all the closeups of Keira Knightly in the new P&P. Ah well.

I'm looking forward to your review of the FHB book as well, I've not read any of her "grown up" books.

Tara said...

Danielle, House at Riverton seems the sort of book I will just devour - I feel like I'm 'saving' it for that perfect moment.

Elaine said...

The latest version of Persuasion is, I am sorry to say, really bad. Not only is the ending very silly with Anne running through Bath, but some of the conversations have been transposed to different times and places and characters in the book, for no good purpose at all as far as I can see. The 1995 is just SO much better.

I agree - that letter - 'You pierce my soul, I am half anguish, half hope' who says that Jane Austen has no passion? Wonderful

Needle in the Blood - this is a simply stunning stupendous book and I have burbled on about it on my blog several times. So far, my book of the year.

Through one Administration - will be most interested to hear what you think about this. Very Edith Wharton in my opinion with similarities in the characters to House of Mirth