Sunday, July 1, 2007

Firsts and Lasts

My baby girl lost her first tooth today.

I left for work and she looked one way and that is the last time I'll ever see her that way.

For some reason I feel terrible for not being there. It wasn't even wiggling.

The only thing that kept my tears in check when I found out was smiling at her excitement.

But as I write this, they are coming.

My big girl.


Anonymous said...

Precious, precious pictures. Yes, there will be lots of firsts and lasts with sweet baby girls. I married mine off this year and began another chapter in my life. Tears are good and healing. Hugs to you and your sweet one.

Tara said...

Kay, I thank you for your kind words. So much.

Cornflower said...

Oh, these milestones. They seem insignificant in some ways, but to a parent they are not. You're allowed a tear or two.

mystic rose said...

I can identify with that heart wrenching feeling.

I cried when I cut her locks the first time. And the first hour she spent away from me, (tho she came back quite happy.) :)

Tara said...

Mystic Rose, thanks for stopping by! There are so many heart wrenching moments aren't there? I'm already anxious about kindergarden starting in months.

Nan said...

She is utterly adorable. I loved those holes in the mouth, and wished the second teeth hadn't come in so soon with my kiddoes. I cried and cried when each of my kids went to kindergarten. I cried when I first went grocery shopping without them riding in the cart. I cried lots and lots of times, and still do. :<)

Tara said...

Thank you Nan, we are fast approaching kindergarden and I am trying hard to hold my feelings back!