Sunday, July 8, 2007

Farmers Market Bounty

This was all purchased Saturday morning at the market. There are heaps of corn, potatoes, beans, and snow peas behind the scenes. The meats are grass-fed ground beef and some pork and wild rice sausages. We also have zucchini, basil, and thyme from the garden. We should have tomatoes soon.

Last night I used some of the green and wax beans and tomatoes to make a salad with a vinaigrette to take to a friend's house.

Today I'll be trying a new recipe for grilled corn which involves soaking the husked corn in a brine solution for hours before grilling. I'm so excited to eat the first local corn of the year.

I was reading a chapter of Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in which she describes going to the local farmer's market on a cold Saturday in April. She was not expecting to find much but found a bounty of food even then.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and seek out some local vegetables if you can.


Anonymous said...

I processed the new Kingsolver book the other day and wanted to check it out, but someone already had it on hold. I'm interested in what she says in that book. Your purchases look lovely and yummy!

Matt said...

Good work on getting some grass fed meat. Our beef comes from my wifes grandparents who I believe feed their steer grass.

Unknown said...

Yummy is precisely the right word.

Tara said...

Kay, the book is fascinating. I'm trying to read it slowly both to savor it and to retain it.

Matt, thanks - I've been making changed in our diet slowly but surely, one thing at a time. Once one thing is a habit, I move on to the next. I'd like for all our meat to come from these sources, but it takes time. Your beef must taste wonderful! Do you get a 1/4 or 1/2 of a steer at a time?

Jill, I agree!

nutmeg said...

Wild rice sausages! Sounds too devine for words. I couldn't stop myself with the Kingsolver book and just read straight through to the end. I think I was heartened to see that she has two previous books of essays and I promptly ordered those from TBD!

Lotus Reads said...

I have the Kingsolver book here and I have been meaning to read it, but while thumbing through it, I found it a tad dry. Are you enjoying the read? Do you have any favorite chapters to recommend? I might go read the chapter where she describes her visit to the Farmers Market.

Love the picture, Tara, the produce you bought looks so appetizing! I really must visit our Farmers Market more often!

Tara said...

Nutmeg - the wild rice sausages were delicious! The farmer was out of them today!

Lotus, you are the second person to tell me they thought the book a bit dry. I do agree, to some degree. I enjoyed the parts about their personal story the most which are pretty interspersed within the book. I particularly enjoyed the chapter I mentioned here, as well as Chapter 12, Zucchini Larceny and the last two chapters about turkey reproduction are hilarious.