Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My daughter found this book , Children Just like Me at the library. I generally love these DK publications and this one is no exception. It is filled with images of children around the world, along with their homes, schools, family, what they eat,what they play with and the list goes on. It's just a great entry point into talking to children, even small children, about how other people around the world live. That we're not all the same, and the things we take for granted, other children consider a privilege, such as homes, school, clothing, toys, and books. I highly recommend it.

This books reminds me of some books I read last year by photographer Peter Menzel, all of which are a more in depth and adult version of the above. They include Material World, Hungry Planet, and Women in the Material World. All of these are informative, eye-opening, stunning in their beauty and their sadness. I highly recommend them all. He has another book published entitled Man Eating Bugs and I'll admit I have not read that one.....

I may start linking more to Barnes and Noble - has anyone else noticed how slow Amazon is lately? And when I search for something, it often comes up with bizarre items and the thing I'm looking for is far down on the list.


Matt said...

My wife and I read a book to our little daughter every night, when you only have a few it gets a bit repetitive. I'll have to take a look at this one, thanks for the suggestion!

Cornflower said...

Tara, look out for the follow-up books: Children Just like Me - Celebration, and CJLM - Our Favourite Stories.
All were very popular in our house.