Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where in the world is.....Tara?

Here I am!

It's been a strange week here at Chez Books and Cooks. After a long weekend of working (me), the girl traveled off to visit her grandparents for most of the week. It's been very quiet around here! Every evening, we're not sure what to do with ourselves.

We celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday, so took a little mini-trip on Monday to one of those lovely old river towns, Stillwater, MN. I hadn't been there for a few years so was eagerly anticipating browsing in the many used book stores I remembered and hoping to find a few more green Viragos for my collection. Alas, things have changed. There are only two bookstores there now; one that sells new books and the other that sells 'rare' books, that is to say, expensive. There was an extremely small literature section at the rare bookshop which surprised us. My husband made the astute point, that if he wanted to read, say a history book (there were a lot of those), he would read a current one with updated information rather than one that is 60-80 years old.

In any case, we had a lovely time, and spent the evening at a beautiful bed and breakfast after dinner and drinks overlooking the river. Other than that, my schedule has been very off, full of dinners out and cleaning in expectation of my in-laws coming to stay this weekend. This involved a thorough cleaning of the girl's room and much trash removal of various do-dads.

Incidentally, she will be arriving home soon! I cannot wait to put my arms around her. I can tell it's going to be trouble when she goes away from home based on the meal I'm planning for tonight after only 4 days away...

flank steak
chips with homemade salsa and guacamole
lemon cake

All her favorites.

Something sort of bookish, is that I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife yesterday. Despite the lackluster reviews, I had hopes that this would be a satisfying movie and it just sort of...wasn't. I cannot remember details of the book, but I do remember how incredibly moved I was by the story. The dialogue in the move seemed stilted to me. It wasn't until later in the film that I felt connected to it, and in fact cried from the part when they're trying to get pregnant until the end. I cried during the book too; it all just broke my heart. I'm not sorry I watched the film since I would have always been curious, it's just that this book perhaps doesn't translate well to film.


bermudaonion said...

I know how you feel. Our son left to go back to school today and the house feels strangely empty after having him home for the summer.

Ti said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to have a kid leave the house but it does make his/her visit a special occasion.

Have a nice visit with your in-laws.

This Ro(a)mantic Life said...

Cleaning for the in-laws is definitely a time-consuming project! Dinners out sounds like a nice way to offset the extra time, though. I'll have to remember that next time my in-laws are in town. They tend to like to visit right after we've moved or some other major life event -- not exactly convenient.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

That will be so fun for you when your daughter returns. I'm so sad that TTW wasn't as good as the book! I'll probably go see it anyway, but at least now I'll be prepared to be maybe disappointed!

Staci said...

Sounds like you and your hubby had a nice day! I'm sure you'll be so excited to see your daughter and her welcome home dinner sounds great!! I haven't seen the Time Traveler movie yet...I want to but then I don' know what I mean?

Eva said...

My mom and I are going to see Julie and Julia tomorrow-I'm excited! (That was sparked by my reading about your Time Traveler's Wife thing-I'm avoiding that one, lol.)

Awww; my sister and I flew to Georgia by ourselves to visit our grandparents when I was 11 and she was 9. My mom said later she cried the whole way home from the airport (five hours) terrified the plane would crash. And then missed us until we got back safely. So I'm sure it'll be good to have your daughter back! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! The meal you are planning for your daughter's return sounds wonderful - I'm jealous!

Thomas Hogglestock said...

I remember reading a story several years ago about Stillwater being a huges book town, but much of it was behind closed doors. One in particular that dealt in a lot of antiquarian books, history, theology, etc. was so big that it supplied newish institutions with instant rare book collections.

I can understand your disappointment in not finding much to browse.

Do you ever go to The Book House in Dinkytown? I always found that to be a great place for inexpensive reading copies.

Kim L said...

LOVE Stillwater. I like nearby, and I really enjoy hitting it up for a nice day of shopping. Glad you guys had such a nice time, even though the book stores weren't what they used to be.

I have not seen The Time Traveler's Wife (movie) because I've read so many bad reviews and I liked the book so much I don't want to have the image ruined in my mind. Bleh, some things don't translate as well on-screen.

Carrie K said...

She'll be happy to be home!

I didn't much get the appeal of the book so I didn't see the movie.

Sad about the bookstores. In my brother's town, he's had six bookstores come in and close down in the same number of years.

BooksPlease said...

I expect she's home now and happy to be back.

I like the way you ended this post "this book perhaps doesn't translate well to film". It's a good way to describe how I feel about films of books I've read. I was wondering how this film would tackle the story - I didn't enjoy the book much, so I don't think the film would disappoint me too much anyway.

Tara said...

bermudaonion, yes - the house was so very quiet.

Ti, I know - I am not looking forward to college and all that at this point!

CT, the same thing ususally happens when mine come, or else I'm sick and don't want to cook or clean and it makes for a poor visit.

rhapsody in books, it was! Definitely go if you're interested; it really just made me want to re-read the book and experience the real thing!

Staci, we did! Yes, I do know what you mean.

Hi Eva, nice to see you! I am really wanting to see J&J - I hope you like it! What a story about your trip to Georgia - I'm sure my mom felt the same way when I was away, but as a kid you really have no idea what you mean to your parents.

jennysbooks, thank you! It was yummy! Too bad my father-in-law could only talk about the bread. That I bought at the store. Grr.

Thomas, that's interesting and I wonder if that's where I was. I haven't been to The Book House, I'll have to check it out - thanks for the recommendation - I love a new-to-me used bookstore!

Kim L, It's such a lovely little town. Lucky you, being so close to it!

Carrie K, if you didn't like the book, then skip the movie - for sure! We've had a few great independent book stores close here in recent years, it is sad.

Booksplease, she absolutely is. For the most part, it seems I've been disappointed in books I read being translated to film. I did however enjoy Miss Pettigrew and Atonement.

Les said...

What a shame Stillwater has lost so many of its bookstores. I wonder if it's a recent change due to the economy. It sounds like you had a very nice time, in spite of the lack of book shopping. :)

I know exactly what you mean about planning special meals for you children. My daughter (soon to be 26) is coming home for a visit in October. She was drooling over the fish tacos I made (and posted about on Facebook) and said when she comes home she'd love for me to make pancakes (we make 'em from scratch), Tequila Shrimp & Orzo, fish or brisket tacos, and artichokes. Not for the same meal, mind you! :) And I'm happy to make all of them!

You know, I have fairly low expectations for TTTW. I haven't heard anybody rave about it, so maybe I'll skip the theater and wait for it to come to Netflix. However, I did LOVE Julie & Julia, probably more than the book (which I did enjoy very well). I had a lump in my throat during several scenes, but also laughed and laughed at many of the lines. If you haven't seen it, go!! Especially since you love to cook as much as I do.

Samantha said...

I haven't heard much about The Time Traveller's Wife movie in Australia yet but even though it does sound a little disappointing, like you, I will still probably see it having read the book previously.

Tara said...

Les, no wonder your daughter loves your cooking - it all sounds amazing! You're right, I haven't heard anyone rave about TTW either, I just hoped it would better than the critics said, which wasn't the case for me. I was hesitant about J&J - loved Julia's book, but did not care for Julie's - but with all the great reviews, I think I would really like this film and need to go see it!

Samantha, that's kind of funny, since Eric Bana is in the film and he is Australian, yes?