Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmers' Market - July 18

Oh Happy Day! Corn is here!

The market was packed yesterday, there was one vendor selling corn and the buyers were 5 deep. It was so busy that the St Paul police officer that monitors the market was breaking down boxes and bagging and selling corn. Nuts!

New additions for me this week were cucumbers (refrigerator pickles?) and leeks - yum!

We had friends over for dinner last night. I served:

*Barefoot Contessa's lemon chicken with satay sauce
*boiled corn
*a salad of halved roasted fingerling potatoes, blanched green and wax beans, basil, chives and a balsamic vinaigrette
*Molly Wizenberg's lemon yogurt cake with strawberries and blueberries (the recipe from the book for this cake includes a syrup that you pour over the warm cake before putting on the glaze - I think that puts this over the top)

Unfortunately I was too busy to take photos of any of it, but it was all delicious!


Staci said...

Why can't you be my neighbor?

bermudaonion said...

Last night's dinner sounds delicious. I bought tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon and corn from a local farmer this week.

Ti said...

Yeah..I'd like to come over for dinner too. LOL. I love Ina's recipes.

Kim L said...

That sounds so yummy. I've been getting corn on the cob from the grocery store for a few weeks now, but it's finally getting to be time for the really fresh stuff and I'm so excited. Farmer's Market, here I come!

Tara said...

Staci, I wish you were! Ha! I have some crazy new neighbors down the way and wouldn't mind a replacement. Fortunately, they're renting...

bermudaonion, thank you! Watermelon sounds good!

Ti, you are definitely invited!

Kim L, I have been holding out for the MN corn - it was so sweet, even raw when I taste-tested it!