Sunday, July 12, 2009

Farmers' Market - July 12

I was disappointed today not to find corn at the market, but now looking back, I see that I wasn't able to buy it until July 20 last year. We're having another summer on the cool side here so I'm sure that is part of the reason why.

Lots of lovely things today though. Besides the 'ususal' snow peas, green/wax beans, potatoes and scallions, I bought some broccoli, gorgeous spinach, shallots, late summer wildflower honey, strawberries, yellow squash and kabob meat. I had a heavy bag, I mean bags, today. I am going to make this squash and potato gratin today, it is an old favorite of mine and I make it a few times every summer. Not sure my family is as crazy about it as me, but oh well, I say.


bermudaonion said...

A local farmer has set up a tent about a mile and a half from us - he's there 3 to 7 Monday through Friday and I've been thrilled to find such a close source for fresh, organic produce. He even grows some heirloom vegetables! He told me he should have watermelon this week and I can't wait!

Staci said...

Even though you didn't score any corn that picture has a lot of wonderful looking goodies there!!!

JoAnn said...

The squash and potato gratin looks delicious!

Ti said...

I think that it's interesting that your farmer's market includes a meat stall. I've never seen that before where I am .

That gratin dish looks heavenly. Enjoy it!

Tara said...

bermudaonion, your farm stand sounds amazing - lucky you!

Staci, I think so too!

JoAnn, it's really yummy! Though my husband asked me, what is this squash doing in here with these potatoes???

Ti, There are actually many meat vendors at the market! I would say at least 6-7. We are very lucky! And they sell eggs too!

Carrie K said...

That gratin looks delicious. Perfect time for you to post that recipe, the squash harvest is coming in the backyard garden. YUM.

I wish we had eggs & meat at our Farmers Markets! What a great idea.