Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dam Has Broken

I wrote a few weeks ago that I hadn't bought many books in January. Well, I made up for that in February. Let's check out my latest arrivals!

From the top:

East of the Sun is a UK publication I've had my eye out for. Harriet Devine wrote a great review of it here. I was lucky enough to mooch this one!

Grange House is another mooch/swap book - a turn of the century ghost story I understand.

I read about Minette Walters in my Good Reading Guide and ordered The Ice House and Laurie King's second book in the Mary Russell series with my Amazon giftcard. I won Among the Mad from Danielle's giveaway - yeah for Maisie Dobbs!

Here are the latest ARCs that have arrived here. A Lucky Child is a memoir written by a holocaust survivor, The Crimes of Paris, also nonfiction, details the period in 1911 when the Mona Lisa was stolen. The bottom three are novels.

Ahhhh. Here is my latest order from Bookcloseouts (how do I love thee, let me count the ways) minus a Clarice Bean book for the girl. I purchased all 8 books, with shipping, for 42 dollars. What a steal!!

Gallowglass - a Barbara Vine that I didn't have, love her.

The Shape of Snakes by Minette Walters -curious about her.

The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates - my bookclub is reading this later this year. Goodness, is it ever long!

A Letter of Mary is the third in the Mary Russell series.

Scapegallows by Carol Birch is a book that Danielle wrote about not long ago. This is the story of a British woman, the cover states "Sentenced to hang not once, but twice, she escaped, and became and Australian pioneer." Sounds good, no?

Sophie Hannah's The Point of Rescue - Hannah's suspenseful books have grabbed me in the past and won't let go. Check out the synopsis.

And finally, A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam is the story of woman and her family set against the backdrop of the Bangladesh War of Independence. I've wanted to read this since it first came out and was happy to find this copy - I love the cover.

I'd love to hear your comments if you've read any of these.

I guess I'd better get reading! But first I have to clean the bathroom. Have a nice weekend!


bermudaonion said...

You got some good looking books there. I just went to see The Reader yesterday, so The Lucky Child looks especially good today.

Anna said...

That's a lot of books to keep you busy. I also received The Crimes of Paris. Hope you enjoy these.

Diary of an Eccentric

Ti said...

I bought a ton of books last night at the library sale and I haven't a clue why. I can hardly keep up with what I have in front of me. Looks like you have a ton to keep you busy as well.

melanie said...

I picked up Grange House a few years ago out of the blue, and really enjoyed it. A Golden Age is on my list...I'm sure you'll get to it first. So I'll wait for your review.

Lisa said...

There's always something standing in between a woman and her books. hehe These look really good. I have the Grave Diggers Daughter by Oates and hope to read it soon.

Tara said...

bermudaonion, Thanks! What did you think of The Reader? My husband and I thought it was excellent.

Anna, Don't I know it! Will be interested to see your thoughts on Crimes of Paris!

Ti, I know why - we are addicted, that's why! It could be worse ;-)

Melanie, oh good, I'm glad to hear you liked it! I requested it on a whim and then second-guessed myself. A Golden Age doesn't look very perhaps I will read it soon. I've got the chunkster of chunksters going right now!

Lisa, don't I know it! It looks like I will be reading the Oates book in May. I wasn't crazy about We Were the Mulvaney's so we'll see.

Bookfool said...

Those are lovely stacks! I haven't read a single one of the books you've recently acquired.

Anonymous said...

What bounty! I loved A Monstrous Regiment of Women and Letter of Mary - they're both great. :)

Staci said...

Wow!! I would be over the moon if I received that many books in one week!! Looks like you hit the mother-lode...a lot of great titles!! Have fun reading and I look forward to what you think of each of them!

JoAnn said...

The dam has indeed broken...and it's a flood, LOL! It's been a few years since I read Barbara Vine. I like JCO, too, and will look forward to your review of The Gravedigger's Daughter(didn't realize the book was that chunky!).

Les said...

Nice haul! I haven't read any of them, but they sound great. That would keep me busy for 4-5 months, at the rate I'm going these days. Enjoy!

Danielle said...

You have lots of great books there! Glad the Maisie Dobbs arrived safely! :) I haven't ordered from Book Closeouts for ages, but they have some great bargains, don't they! I'm reading A Monstrous Regiment... right now (very good so far) and read Grange House years ago (the details have faded, but from what I remember I liked it). I'd like to read the Gregson, too and will look forward to hearing what you say about it. Love Minette Walters--another that I've read but too far back to remember again. The Vine book is one of the few I've not read either and doesn't the Birch book look great! Enjoy your new books!

Tara said...

Bookfool, aren't they! Isn't that funny - there are so many books out there!

Carrie, so glad to hear it!

Staci, It wasn't quite all in one week...maybe two?! I'm really excited about them all!

Jo-Ann, a flood indeed! The Oates book is almost 600 pages and the print is *small*. I hope I like it...

Les, thanks! I know what you mean, my reading has slowed down lately!

Danielle, I just love bookcloseouts, every 6 months or so I just find a big stack of books there that I need, I mean want! The Gregson sounds like one you'd also like.

Maw Books said...

Well, I haven't read any of these but I do love me some book photos! The holocaust memoir one seems like one I would like.

Bree said...

I'm on a Holocaust kick now thanks to Erin Gruwell's Teach with your Heart. I just finished Night by Elie Weisel. Your A Lucky Child looks good. I'll have to add it to the ever growing list.

Tara said...

Natasha, I love the book photos too! I love when people share them. Yes, I can see you being interested in that one!

Bree, another wonderful Holocaust book is The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn. It was one of my favorite books of 2007, just amazing.