Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Farmer's Market - September 27

This is the most amazing time of year at the market - there's so much to choose from! It's too bad that it's only open one more month for vegetable sellers. (The meat, egg, and honey vendors come on Saturdays through the winter.)

I had a little helper with me this week which is why you see flowers, mini-pumpkins to draw faces on, and honey sticks. Those flowers are lovely - can anyone tell me what the cabbage-look-alike things are called? - but were wilting by Sunday so I wasn't too impressed.

Everything just looks so vibrant and gorgeous to me, especially the peppers and cauliflower - you won't find anything like that at the store. The green leafy stuff on the left is sold as Chinese broccoli, and I'm not sure if it's the same as broccoli rabe. It was a bit bitter so my family wasn't thrilled about it, though I liked it. If a person were really serious about buying good food for their family at low prices, the market is a great place. There is so much available for one dollar - the Chinese broccoli, bok choy, beets, green onions, kohlrabi, and lots of other greens as well. Certainly other items cost more, but you can do it on a budget. We've cut back on our meat consumption quite a bit, but I crave a good flank steak every month or so. The animals are grass fed and the meat is so tender you can cut it with a fork.


Anonymous said...

I am sooo jealous of your Farmers' Market and love seeing your finds every week.

nutmeg said...

Very vibrant colours all around! I like to sneak in a bunch of flowers too (despite some rather depressing reading on the topic etc etc). I have recently decided to add some flowering plants to my own plantings so I can feel a little less "guilty" about having some in the house (I will use my tank water of course!)

Ti said...

Brussel sprouts? I am not a big fan of them. I have yet to find a good way to cook them.

The other stuff looks yummy (as usual). It's only 8am here but when you wake up at 4am then it already feels like lunch time. Mmmm.

Tara said...

bermudaonion, thank you!

Nutmeg, I don't usually buy flowers..we have a cat who will climb on any surfact except the kitchen counter to get to them, which isn't exactly the most convenient place to keep them. Good for you, growing your own!

Ti, I love brussel sprouts! My daughter will tell you that she likes them 'kind of medium - not a lot not a little'. Roasting them is a really nice way to do them -this is my family's favorite way and I'll toss them with a little balsamic dressing to sweeten them up a bit. I'm going to try a new recipe in which you saute them and then add mustard/maple syrup. Yum!

Andi said...

Yummm! I wish our farmer's market was as happening as yours! And roasting is a great idea for brussels sprouts. I'll have to try that.

Eva said...

hey Tara-you won Anatomy of a Boyfriend! As long as you want it, I'll send you an e-mail soon. :)

Anonymous said...

They look like Brussel Sprouts. I don't like them, but my husband does. Your green onions look fantastic!!

Marie Cloutier said...

what a gorgeous haul! :-) yum :-)

Tara said...

Andi, we have a pretty great market here. I only wish they had more space because it is literally wall to wall people.

Eva, I emailed you!

Kristina, They ARE brussel Sprouts. I love them! Try them roasted, they are great that way. Or with bacon.

Marie, thanks!