Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jackson Brodie, Part Three

Kate Atkinson has done it again with When Will There Be Good News?, and it's better than ever. Atkinson's latest novel involving soldier-turned cop-turned private detective-turned private citizen who never fails to find himself in the middle of a debacle- Jackson Brodie is being released next week and it is a smashing good read. Atkinson is a master at assembling a cast of many who are seemingly disconnected and bringing them all together in a climactic and explosive ending.

Besides Brodie, in this story we meet Dr. Hunter, a woman who lived through the greatest horror one could at only six years old, and her family - 'the baby' and her rather clueless husband. Detective Louise Monroe, an unhappily married newlywed, who has a history with Jackson. The Needler family, in which ex-husband David is stalking his ex-wife and children. A murderer, who has recently been released from jail. And last but not least, certainly not least, Miss Reggie Chase, nanny to Dr Hunter's baby, a 16 year old that looks 12, she is bookishly brilliant, but streetwise as well. She has formed a bond with Dr. Hunter and her son that will save them all. Reggie Chase is the best drawn character I've met in literature in ages. She is brave, strong, persistent, clever, and wise and she steals the show here.

How to define When Will There Be Good News? There is murder and there is mystery, but it is not a murder mystery. It is humorous in a very, very black way, yet it is very much a drama. I will not even attempt to outline the plot here - it's quite complicated, and frankly I think you're better off just diving in to this splendidly satisfying book. I couldn't recommend it more highly, yet do advise that it is not for the faint of heart.

There's more. To answer the question - When Will There Be Good News? - well, next week is the answer to that. If you come back and visit me you will find a giveaway for this very book compliments of Hachette Books. Giveaway will be open to US and Canadian residents.


StuckInABook said...

I read One Good Turn (is that right?) for a book group and thought it was fun and slightly silly, but in a good way. I'll certainly be back for that book draw!

melanie said...

I love this series and am excited for the new book. Thanks for the review!! Relieved to hear it's worth the read.

Carrie K said...

My SIL raves about her but so far I haven't read one of her books. She's always in demand at the library.

Tara said...

Simon, oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mention before that this is for US and Canadian residents only. Sorry.

Melanie, I hope you like it! I think it's the best of the three.

Carrie K, I've only read the 3 books involving Jackson Brodie and think she's great. I was really thrilled to get a copy of this.