Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farmer's Market - Week 6

Thanks for all the good wishes about our trip. I'll be posting a few pictures (and new books!) in the days to come.

Beautiful! Leeks, tomatoes, yellow squash, and cucumbers made their first appearance in my bag today. Would you believe the potatoes and all 3 yellow squash are gone already? I'll show you where soon. We also ate corn, lettuce, and carrots yesterday.

I was trying to restrain myself from buying more from the onion/garlic family....I wasn't planning on buying garlic at all but I couldn't resist this bunch of 5 heads for 5 dollars (expensive, I know) - but aren't they lovely? The garlic is not even cured yet...still moist and fresh.

Now if only the tomatoes in my garden would ripen, and the zucchini would grow more than 2 inches long....than we'd be set.

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