Friday, December 21, 2007

The Breakdown...and a Fun Meme

The breakdown first...I was looking at my list of books read and was curious about a few statistics, so here goes.

Fiction - 51
Nonfiction - 27

Fiction by a female author - 48
Fiction by a male author - 3

Nonfiction by a female author - 18
Nonfiction by a male author - 8
Fiction by 2 authors 1 male one female - 1

Well, I knew I favored women writers but I didn't realize quite how much. Most surprising to me was that I thought perhaps I'd read more nonfiction books by men which is obviously not the case. (These numbers will be edited to contain the rest of my 2007 reads.)

LisaMM at Books on the Brain tagged me for a fun meme. It's called Whatcha Reading?

1. Whatcha reading? Birds of a Feather by Jacqueline Winspear

2. How much of it have you read so far? About a third

3. What’s it about? (in a nutshell! A sentence or two is enough)Maisie Dobbs is looking for someone. Billy has something mysterious going on.

4. What does the title refer to? I suppose the fact that several victims of crimes are connected.

5. Would you recommend it? Sure!

I'm not a tagger, but go ahead and do this -it's fun!

Due to time constraints and holiday travel, I'm planning on writing one big post about the rest of my 2007 reading. I'll also post separately about my top books of 2007.

Happy Holidays! And do let me know if you do the meme - I'd like to read your answers.


Iliana said...

Those are some great stats! I'm impressed by all of your non-fiction reads. I made a bit more of an effort with that this year. And, I'm always reading more books by women than men. Interesting. I don't do it on purpose but it just happens.

Literary Feline said...

Yes, you definitely favored the female authors this year. :-) It's always interesting to see the final breakdown at the end of each year, isn't it? I need to start thinking about doing my stats too.

Becca said...

I definitely read more female authors than male. I am just generally more drawn to their work.

Just stopping by the say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog this year ... and Merry Christmas.

Bybee said...

Wow, I'm really stunned by how your women writers outnumber your men writers. Time to go and do my own breakdown...

Danielle said...

I love those sorts of fun statistics! Look at all those NF reads! I've probably read about 4!! I also read more women than men. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!! :)

Carrie K said...

I will definitely be doing the meme.

Thanks for the stats! I love reading those almost as much as the list of titles.

Tara said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! My female authors pretty much always outweigh the male - habit I suppose. And, yes, I do read a fair amount of nonfiction -sometimes it's just what I'm in the mood for.