Thursday, June 21, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

1. Do you have any old school books? Did you keep yours from college? Old textbooks from garage sales? Old workbooks from classes gone by?

2. How about your old notes, exams, papers? Do you save them? Or have they long since gone to the great Locker-in-the-sky?

Great question! Just a few weeks ago I was looking for something and came across some heavy boxes on a high shelf in the basement that had not been opened since we moved in. I had to call in backup in the form of my husband. One box was full of his books that we knew we had and hadn't been able to locate - his Kurt Vonnegut collection, In Cold Blood, etc. The other box was filled with my college textbooks and papers. He was appalled, and I was told in no uncertain terms to 'get rid of them'! All the books and notebooks went to the trash. I was not able to part with my laboratory notebooks - it's hard to believe I ever wrote that neatly and especially that I had any idea what those labs were about. I also kept my 'mortar boards' which is the name of the university school calendar/planner that the school published yearly. I have a habit of keeping my planners and love to look back over them to see what I was doing so long ago or even last year.

I suspect there may be a box somewhere down there that contains old exams and papers I've been unable to part with, including that biochemistry exam I aced in 1993 after studying for 30 hours.

There is actually one box down there full of my textbooks. When we moved in here there was some sort of unused opening in the basement wall which our cat would not stay away from. That box of books fit perfectly and remains there. I'm certain all the books are ruined and the box will not be opened again.


Matt said...

I still have some textbooks from college. They are related to my career but I doubt I'll ever use them. I think I got rid of the old notes and papers but there might still be some lying around. I did a lot of writing my last year of school so they might be around somewhere.

CeeCee said...

I'm like you: I just can't part with them. I do have a lot of books. I move in a house only if they have built-in bookshelves! No seriously. LOL. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cornflower said...

I still have some school exercise books, my university textbooks and quite a lot of lecture notes and essays. They mean a lot!

Tara said...

It's so interesting to me how many people have kept their college materials. I wonder how less book-loving people might answer.

Danielle said...

I kept my old art history books, but probably not too many other textbooks. If I still have any old notebooks, they would be at my parent's house (and I'm sure they're thrilled to still have them--LOL).