Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What to read on vacation

Deciding what to read on a trip generally takes much thought for me. Sometimes I am already reading something lengthy and enjoyable, which is great, unless it is a library book or a hardcover if I'm traveling by plane. I finished The Birth House the other day - very enjoyable and I plan to write more about this later when my head is more clear - and have been pondering what to bring to Phoenix tomorrow. A virago? - no - I'd hate to lose one; obviously not the books I have from the library waiting to be read - then what? I'd hate to bring a new book on a trip and dislike it and have nothing else going. The thought is truly frightening. I often like to read something familiar, as comfortable as an old sweater and not particularly taxing. Maeve Binchy is a favorite for this, also Penny Vincenzi. Yesterday I picked up Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie Macdonald. This has been languishing on my shelf for some time and I did enjoy her book The Way the Crow Flies. The reviews I see are mixed; many dislike it because it is too depressing. Frankly, I enjoy depressing books. Really, what's the point of a book in which everyone is happy all the time? So I'm on page 60 and liking this so far. I've decided to also pack Binchy's Light a Penny Candle ; I'm pretty sure I read this years ago and it will fit the bill if the Macdonald book doesn't work out.

The forcast for Phoenix is for temperatures in the 90s, so I'll be back , if I don't melt.

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